Compliance Commitment

Arizona Care Hospice is committed to providing quality compassionate services that comply with all applicable federal and state laws.  Arizona Care Hospice maintains a compliance program as evidence of our commitment to operating with the highest degree of integrity.  The Compliance Program includes the Employee Code of Conduct, annual training requirements, employee orientation materials, policies and procedures, auditing, monitoring and reporting mechanisms to detect and prevent fraud, waste and abuse.

Whether you are an employee, contract worker, vendor, or volunteer of Arizona Care Hospice, you are required to:

  • Perform all business activities and duties with honesty and integrity according to Arizona Care Hospice’s Code of Conduct;
  • Follow all laws and regulations that apply to your business activities and duties, including requirements of government social service or health care programs.  These requirements generally include, but are not limited to, maintaining complete and accurate records and submitting only complete and accurate claims for medically necessary services or equipment actually provided; and
  • Contact the Executive Director, if you have knowledge of or a concern about a potential false claim or other violation.

Arizona Care Hospice’s policies strictly prohibit retaliation, in any form, against an individual reporting an issue or concern in good faith.  Retaliation is subject to discipline, including termination of employment or termination of a business relationship with Arizona Care Hospice.  

Feel free to contact Arizona Care Hospice’s Executive Director should you have any questions.

Contact our Executive Director

For further information about Arizona Care Hospice’s Compliance Program or to report suspected violations, please contact our Executive Director:

Kelli Casady, Executive Director

(480) 588-8200

or click the link below to send a message.

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Arizona Care Hospice's Code of Conduct

To view a copy of our Code of Conduct, please click the link below.

Code of conduct